Jadralni klub "MIPC" Notice of Diplomatic Regatta 2003
Stalni sponzorji
© Copyright JK MIPC, 2003-2014


Izola, September 13th, 2003


  1. Host and Organizing Authority
    Jadralni klub MIPC (Yacht Club MIPC)
    Ulica II. Prekomorske brigade
    6000 Koper
    phone: +386 5 627-5614
    fax: +386 5 627-5702
    e-mail: lidija.zigon@siol.net
    web: http://www.mipc.trinet.si
  2. Rules
    Race will be held according to All yachts not complying with these rules will be disqualified and/or penalized according to the rules.
  3. Competing Classes And Categories
    Classes are based on Length OverAll (LOA) as follows:
    maxiover 16.00 m
    zero13.51 - 16.00 m
    alfa12.01 - 13.50 m
    bravo11.01 - 12.00 m
    charlie10.26 - 11.00 m
    delta9.51 - 10.25 m
    echo8.76 - 9.50 m
    foxtrot7.81 - 8.75 m
    golf6.81 - 7.81 m
    hotelup to 6.80 m
    J24 one-designby class rules

    Yachts will also be divided in two categories: cruising boats and sport boats in accordance to the above mentioned “Pravilnik o razvrstitvi in organiziranju regat za razred regatno-potovalnih jadrnic” (JZS).

    In case of only one entry in any class/category, the Race Committee may appropriately assign the single yacht to another class. Cruising and Sport yachts will not be mixed.

  4. Entries
    All yachts wishing to race shall submit the entry form and pay the entry fee no later than September 13th by 09:00. Entry fee is:
    • 10,000 SIT (~45 EUR) for all yachts submitting Entry forms by September 11th, 2003.
    • 12,000 SIT (~55 EUR) for all yachts entering after that date.
    • Yachts accepting special regatta guests will receive a discount of 2,000 SIT per guest up to the maximum discount of 6,000 SIT.

    A special dinner will be available for all Skippers, Crew Members and Special Guests at the Awards Dinner and Dance Party following the race. Regatta entry fee includes a single dinner ticket, additional dinner tickets will be available at symbolic price of 1,000 SIT per person.

    Friday night and Saturday morning entries, entry fee payment, race instructions distribution and skippers meeting with special guests will be at the Regatta Tent in the Marina Izola. Skipper Briefing and allocation of special guests to the competing boats will take place before the race at 9:00AM. Participation of at least one crew member from all yachts is mandatory. The participating crew member will accompany the allocated guests to his yacht. If a yacht would not host the number of guests specified in its entry form, this would be a reason for disqualification by the organizing committee.

    It is strongly advised that filled-out Entry Form is submitted on the internet, e-mailed or faxed well in advance. Advance entry forms will be accepted via internet, e-mail or fax by Friday, September 12th until 16:00. Entry fee payments and late entries will be accepted at the Regatta Tent by Saturday, September 12th until 09:00.

  5. Event Schedule
    Entries and Skippers Meeting:
    Friday, September 12th, 200319:00 – 22:00Registration, Entries, Paymentspersonally at the Regatta Tent
    Saturday, September 13th, 20037:30 – 9:00
    9:00–10:00MANDATORY Skippers Meeting, Guests Placement
    Regatta on Saturday, September 13th, 2003:
    11:55warning signal
    11:56preparatory signal
    11:59last minute
    12:00start signal

    Trophies and Prizes will be awarded at the Awards Dinner and Dance Party at the Regatta Tent beginning at 19:00 on Saturday, September 13th following the race.

    The organizing authority reserves the right to appropriately change the starting time due to weather conditions or postpone the awards ceremony in case of an overwhelming number of protests.

  6. Sponsorship and Advertising
    The Diplomatic Regatta qualifies as a category “C” event. Advertising is permitted without any limitations.
  7. Awards
    Trophies will be awarded by class/category:
    • at least two entries in a class/category: 1st place trophy;
    • at least four entries in a class/category: 1st and 2st place trophy;
    • at least six entries in a class/category: 1st, 2st and 3st place trophy.
    A trophy will be awarded also to the first boat in each of the categories (cruisers / sport boats) and to the first Diplomat on each of the categories (cruisers /sport boats).
  8. Moorings
    Complimentary moorings are available in Marina Izola from Friday night to Sunday morning for all visiting yachts entering the Diplomatic Regatta.
  9. Additional Information
    Additional information is available at this web site or at the above phone/fax numbers of JK MIPC.
We invite all Racing Skippers, Crews and Special Guests to come join us for the first Diplomatic Regatta. We wish you a great race and a great Saturday night party.

Andrej Janežič