Jadralni klub "MIPC" Izola Cup 2005
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JK MIPC Cup Regatta

Third Regatta in the Slovenia Cup 2005 Series

Izola, June 11th, 2005


Classes Open, MIPCPHRF, J/24

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  1. Host and Organizing Authority

    Regatta is organized by JK MIPC (Yacht Club MIPC) with Slovenian National Sailing Association (JZS) and Marina v Izoli.

  2. Rules

    Regatta will be governed by the following rules:

  3. Competing Classes

    Sailboats will be classified to the following classes and categories (according to Pravila za odprte razrede regatno-potovalnih jadrnic pri JZS.

    Class*CategoriesLength Overall
    MaxiP, Rover 16,00 m
    ZeroP, Rfrom 13,51 m to 16,00 m
    AlfaP, Rfrom 12,01 m to 13,50 m
    BravoP, Rfrom 11,01 m to 12,00 m
    CharlieP, Rfrom 10,26 m to 11,00 m
    DeltaP, Rfrom 9,51 m to 10,25 m
    EchoP, Rfrom 8,76 m to 9,50 m
    FoxtrotP, Rfrom 7,81 m to 8,75 m
    GolfP, Rfrom 6,81 m to 7,80 m
    HotelP, Rup to 6,80 m
    MIPCPHRF**-MIPCPHRF handicap system
    J-24-Class rules
    * Classes from Hotel to Maxi will also be divided into two categories: cruising boats (P) and sport boats (R) in accordance with the “Pravilnik o razvrstitvi in organiziranju regat za razred regatno-potovalnih jadrnic”(JZS).
    ** All yachts with the MIPCPHRF certificates can also compete in PHRF handicap system. (See 5.)
  4. Entries

    Entries on JK MIPC Izola Cup 2005 Entry Form by no later than June 11th 2005 by 09:30 accompanied by proper entry fee:

    • By e-mail
    • Using JK MIPC web page entry form
    • In person on Friday June 10th from 18:00 to 21:00 and on Saturday June 11th from 8:00 to 9:30 at the tent in Marina v Izoli.

    Race instructions will be available after submission of Entry form and payment.


    Every Yacht wishing to race in a handicap class should fill out a MIPCPHRF form and mail it to JK MIPC no later than June 6th 2005. The Regatta committee will issue a MIPCPHRF certificate free of charge. It will include all necessary information needed to process the corrected time results (example in Slovene, PHRF home). Please fill out the MIPCPHRF form correctly; only then your certificate can be valid and used to calculate your corrected time. If you need additional help filling out this form, please contact JK MIPC (e-mail). The system can not be used for boats using water ballast, canting keels and have distinctive sport boat design features.

  6. Entry fee

    Entry fee for each yacht is 12.000 SIT (approx. 50 EUR).

  7. The Regatta Schedule

    Friday, June 10th, 200518:00 - 21:00Entries in persontent in Marina v Izoli
    Saturday, June 11th, 200508:00 - 09:30Entries in persontent in Marina v Izoli
     12:00Start of Race
     19:00Awards Dinner
    Race Results and Awards
    tent in Marina v Izoli
  8. Course

    Upwind - downwind course near the town of Izola.

  9. Scoring

    Low point system will be used where applicable (see RRS, appendix A).

  10. Sponsorship and advertising

    The JK MIPC Regatta qualifies as a category “C” event (appendix 1 of RRS).

  11. Awards

    Trophies will be awarded to:

    • First three places overall in the cruising boat category,
    • First three places overall in the sport boat category,
    • First three places in every class,
    • JK MIPC CUP will be awarded to the winning yacht in the MIPCPHRF handicap class.
  12. Complimentary moorings

    Complimentary moorings will be available in Marina v Izoli from Friday night to Sunday morning for all visiting yachts entering the Izola Cup 2005 Regatta.

  13. Information

    Jadralni klub MIPC, Pahorjeva 2, 6000 Koper
    e-mail: karmen.pahor@studioproteus.si
    phone: +386 41 733-179
    www: http://www.mipc.si/

We invite all Racing Skippers and Crews to come and join us for
the IZOLA CUP 2005 JK MIPC Regatta.
We wish you a great race and a great Saturday night party.